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NityZap™ Instant Mosquito Wipeout

NityZap™ Instant Mosquito Wipeout

✔️Kills Every Mosquito in the Room

✔️ Long Battery Life (21 Days)

✔️ Portable and Foldable

✔️ Powerful 3000V Grid

✔️ Like it in 30 days or your money back!


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NityZap™ Instant Mosquito Wipeout

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Say Goodbye to Pesky Mosquitoes with the NityZap™ 

Tired of itchy bites and the relentless buzz of mosquitoes ruining your outdoor adventures or peaceful sleep? Meet NityZap™ – your ultimate defense against these pesky intruders. Featuring a powerful 3000V grid, this mosquito zapper doesn't just attract mosquitoes; it obliterates them, ensuring your comfort around the clock. Enjoy bug-free days and nights with NityZap™ by your side.

Why Choose NityZap™?

Portability Perfected: Fold it, hang it, take it anywhere! Your ideal travel companion.

✔️ Portable & Foldable: Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
✔️ Rechargeable: USB charging, no batteries needed.
✔️ Powerful: 3000V grid zaps mosquitoes instantly.
✔️ Long Battery Life: Up to 21 days on a single charge.
✔️ Safe: 3-layer safety grid for protection.
✔️ Easy to Clean: Includes a brush for maintenance.
✔️ Effective: UV light efficiently attracts mosquitoes.
✔️ Lightweight: Easy to handle and use.
✔️ Versatile: Great for home, camping, and picnics.
✔️ Durable: Made with high-quality materials for longevity.

Get Yours Today! Limited stock—enjoy peaceful nights and fun days without the buzz.


NityZap™ Instant Mosquito Wipeout

Q1: How long does it take to fully charge the NityZap™ Mosquito Zapper?
A1: The NityZap™ Mosquito Zapper typically requires 2-5 hours for a full charge, depending on the power source used.

Q2: Can the NityZap™ be used both indoors and outdoors?
A2: Yes, the NityZap™ is designed for versatile use both indoors and outdoors, making it ideal for home use, camping trips, or picnics.

Q3: Is the NityZap™ Mosquito Zapper safe to use around children and pets?
A3: Absolutely. The NityZap™ features a 3-layer safety grid to prevent accidental contact and includes a child-safe switch to ensure safety around children and pets.

Q4: How do I clean the NityZap™ Mosquito Zapper?
A4: Cleaning the NityZap™ is simple. It comes with a brush to sweep off any debris from the grid. Always ensure the device is turned off and disconnected from the power source before cleaning.

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